Denial with a smile

Whether we like it or not my husband and I have arrived.  We are seniors!  I am not sure exactly  how we got here and if I close my eyes I can still think that it’s not true.  But then we stand in front of the mirror in the morning and there simply is no denying it.

We are part of that ubiquitous group known as the Baby Boomers, the “never trust anyone over 30”, “flower power”, “peace and love” generation.  So now we have to figure out how to survive the next 30-40 years as seniors.

In this blog we’ll share the experience of “living senior”,  the good the bad and the awkward.   Hopefully you will share your experiences with us.  My husband is 58 and owns an education business that has been hit hard by the recession.  I am 60 and after working as a medical professional, I now dabble in writing and art. We have been married for 32 years.  We have 3 parents in their 90’s and 2 children in their20’s.

All in all life is good.  We live in  beautiful part of the country and are happy to wake up every day.   As the grandparents say, it is better looking down at the green grass than looking up at it.  Life is full of the expected and the unexpected, I will face it the best I can with candor and humor.  Let me know your thoughts or experiences with being a senior and we all can share a little denial with a smile.

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4 Responses to Denial with a smile

  1. Special says:

    This is going to be a blog worth following.

  2. Grateful Bob says:

    Great video feed!

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